Thursday, March 13, 2008

Rahut Rissaya

Rahut Rissaya
Code of Envy
Paul Pattarapol as Siva
Noon Woranuch as Palai
Looktarn as Junjarang

After her parent's death, Palai(Noon Woranuch) decided to find evidence that her parent's death was not accidental, but actually a murder. She did not ol lose her parents, but she lost her house, company and her money to her Aunt, who claimed that she got everything legally from Palai's parents. She's out to find evidence that her aunt and Siva's father were the one who took everything from her.
Palai threatened Siva(Paul) that she was going to send all the information on her website about his dad's corruption to the newspaper if he don't marry her. If he marry her, she will give him the CODE to the website. But her website is actually a fake because the reason she wanted to marry Siva was because she wants to find the REAL evidence in his house. But that's only the beginning of her revenge...
Theme Song:
Rahut Rissaya Opening Theme-Rahut Hua Jai


Kam said...

Thank you for sharing this. I didn't see your blog until now.

Veronica said...

I vist the sendspace website but it said that it expired??? by the way thank for for posting the lakorns of the envy code.

Wendy He said...

I love this drama.
The leading actress is cool.

Miss May said...

where can i watch this lakorn, since you're subbing. let me know

demon_girl5 said...

hey you're subbing this lakorn???if you are, great...i've been trying to find this lakorn in eng sub for if you know where i can find rahut rissaya eng sub lakorn(exception of viikii cause it's either the site or my computer that is being retarded) then i wonder if you can let me know alright...thanks again...